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Hong Kong Visa Application

Hong Kong's low salary tax rate continues to attract high caliber workers to seek employment in Hong Kong; and appeal to international companies, which move their headquarters or transfer key management to Hong Kong, in order to provide their valuable international staff with tax efficient schemes.

In both cases, the employees or the employer will need to obtain work visas in Hong Kong.

Proxy is an expert in work visa application. We offer a complete package, from the formation of a Hong Kong company to preparation of employment contracts and work visa applications with the Hong Kong Immigration Department. For a successful visa application, there are some basic guidelines:

  • -Applicants must have a graduate degree or considerable technical experience in a specific area
  • -Applicants should have relevant experience in the position they are applying for
  • -The salary offered should meet local professional standards
  • -The sponsor (employer) must prove the applicant has a skill that is in short supply in the city


Hong Kong Government introduced the "Capital Investment Entrant Scheme" in 2003, allowing any person investing in Hong Kong and his/her dependants to obtain Hong Kong permanent residence subject to certain conditions. There is no restriction on the maximum number of applicants each year. Investors may select their own investments from various investment asset classes with no need to establish or jointly run business in Hong Kong.


  • -The immigration barriers are relatively low
  • -The immigration procedures are simple and stickk with the conditions as stated.
  • -Applicants' spouses and unmarried dependents may obtain the Hong Kong SAR passport after seven years of residence in Hong Kong, which have been granted visa-free access to more than 140 countries and territories worldwide.
  • -There is no birth restriction. Any child born in Hong Kong will be granted Hong Kong SAR passports and are treated as Hong Kong citizens

Provision of assistance in the application for capital investment immigration and help to prepare and collect all relevant documents for application. To liaise for and on behalf of the clients with the Immigration Department for routing and responses if appropriated.

E-mail us at info@proxy.com.hk or Call us at +852 2516 9123