1.Company Formation
2.Act as Director or secretary of a corporation; as a partner of a partnership or other legal presence
3.Providing registered office, business address, correspondence or administrative address
4.Act as trustee or other legal arrangement
5. Act as Nominee shareholder

Proxy Management Consultants Limited has already been granted the above said license on 15 May 2018.

Proxy Management Consultants Limited and Proxy Secretarial Services Limited have already been granted the above said licenses on 15 May 2018. We are able to ensure that all your company records will be kept in a proper manner and complied with the regulatory requirements.

Please do a double check if your company or any affiliates has granted any service to an unlicensed company in order to avoid disruptions of services. In any case your company has any affiliates or business associates that would like to seek our reliable services with smooth transition, please fill in the referral form and our staff will get in contact shortly to do the following work.