Proxy Management Consultants Limited is offering a new package for new customers who want to set up a new Hong Kong limited company or looking for a business address service in celebration of its 35th anniversary:

Fee for first year (BR fee included):
1.Appointment of corporate secretary;
2.Providing registered office;
3.Providing public fax line;
4.Providing business address;
5.Receive mails on your behalf and forward back to you.

The statutory package consists of: certificate of incorporation, business registration certificate, five sets of & articles of association, share certificates, a register of directors, a register of shareholders, a register of transfer of shares, a register of corporate secretary, and a register of charges.

Feel free to contact us for further details. E-mail us at or Call us at +852 2516 9123

we reserve the right to change terms anytime at our sole discretion.