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About Proxy

We had been a comprehensive business service provider in Hong Kong since 1983.

We use up-to-date in house software to assist us to serve our clients' need and we have accumlated network, experience and knowledge through our 40 years of operation

By sharing a same objective with our clients, which is to strive for their sucess we manage to grow for the last four decays with them and we appreciate their trust very much.

To provide a personal business service for clients of different industries and origins.
We are a business service provider based in Hong Kong with a long history.
We operate with innovative technology while serving with a peronsal touch.

Why Choose Us

We possess both elements of history and innovation in order to best server you as a comprehensive business service provider.

  • A varity of services that suits every needs
  • Up-to-date information technology to assist our clients
  • Personal approach as oppose to standard procedures
  • Improve base on feedback
Business One Stop Solution

Proxy will listen to your needs and provide the best solution and advise to help your business grow.

Rapid response time

Our team will response to your need in short notice enabling you to have a smooth experience with our services.

Extensive network

We partner up and work closely with a lot of business associates to help our client to achieve their goal.

Competitive service cost

We offer a competitive service cost and will charge your service by an on demand basis so that services item not required will not be charged.