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Singapore is located at the tip of Malaysian peninsula. It is recognised as global business hub and is an excellent choice for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their business ventures. Due to its colonial background of Britain, English is Singapore's official language as well as the language used in legal systems.

Some of the key advantages of starting a Company Incorporation in Singapore include its political stability, pro-business policy and extremely tax benefits. Nevertheless, Singapore law does not allow foreigners individuals or foreign corporate entities to self-register a Singapore company. This is where Proxy steps in as a professional secretarial firm to register your Singapore Company for you.

Key facts about company incorporation:

  • •Minimum 1 Shareholder, Maximum 50 shareholders
  • •Minimum 1 Company Secretary
  • •Minimum 1 Resident Director
  • •Usually Minimum paid-up capital of $1 with Minimum 1 Share
  • •Company must have a Singapore registered office address
  • •Desirable Company Name (Must Be Approved by ACRA)

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