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China is the most rapidly developing economy in the world. Since its accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), China's economy has been boosted at an incredible rate, including a strengthened manufacturing base and consumer market, as well as a booming amount of overseas investors or entrepreneurs. However, apart from the complicated procedures and harsh government policies, political instability and cultural difference are also concerns that bar many foreign investors from entering the Chinese market. As a result, potential investors and entrepreneurs generally look for assistance in Hong Kong in developing their business in China.

Our team is committed to provide practical and feasible proposals for investors regarding China company formation. Proxy has in-depth understanding of the opportunities and risk involved in corporate formation in Mainland China, and we will guide you step-by-step throughout the incorporation process.

All enterprises established in China are required to make contribution to the Social Insurance Fund and the Housing Provident Fund for its employees on a monthly basis. These are usually calculated based on a percentage of the employee's monthly salary and made by the enterprise and employees collectively. The proportion of contributions varies from cities owing to different living standards.

We will be happy to provide a quotation upon receiving further details regarding the activities of the proposed company such as estimated turnover, number of staff to be employed, location of company and proposed size of factory.

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