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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequency questions we met regularly.


What are the terms for incorporating a Hong Kong limited company?

One shareholder and director who is 18 years old or above of any nationality. A Hong Kong address must be supplied as the registered address and the statutory secretary of the Company must be a Hong Kong resident or professional company.

How do I specify the business nature of the company?

Are obligations incurred by limited company calculated by shares in authorized capital or issued shares?

What's a Shelf Company?

Is there any potential risks in purchasing a Shelf Company?

What documents are procurable in purchasing Shelf Company?

Can the name of the Shelf Company be changed?

Can the authorized capital of the Company be increased after registration?


Can a limited company be incorporated, whose name does not include the word "Limited Company" or "Limited"?

No. A limited company incorporated in Hong Kong must contain the words "Limited Company" or "Limited" in its name in order to indicate that shareholders bear limited liability for future obligation.

Can the Chinese name of the company be shown in simplified Chinese characters?

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